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Dan’s Quick Pie

This recipe is very simple, It’s all store bought and can be put together in minutes.

1 package Pie Crust (2 crust in a box)
1 can Pie Filling (Apple, Cherry or Peach)
6 pats Butter
6 tbsp Brown Sugar
4 tsp White Sugar

Lay out pie crust in metal pan. Spread half of pie filling on crust staying about 2 inches from edge. Sprinkler the brown sugar over pie filling and 3 pats of butter. Fold edges up stopping short of the center by about 1 inch or so. Brush the pie crust with small amount of water, just enough to get the white sugar to stick, do not drench, sprinkler pie crust with white sugar to lightly coat. Place pie pan on a bakers rack inside a 12” Dutch oven and bake for 45 minutes or golden brown.

Dan's Quick PieDan's Quick PieDan's Quick PieDan's Quick Pie

This recipe make two small pies, each pie serves four, unless kids are around. This is one of my Favorite’s.

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