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The Origins of Backpacking

Man has been roaming the world for millennia Old Backpackerand carrying their possessions with them. The military used hiking as a form exercise and training, so I guess we have been hiking for a longtime. The modern term of hiking has come to be known as an outdoor activity that is done while visiting a national park or camping. The National Scenic Trail Act of 1968 made large areas of land available for recreational use by the public. This greatly contributed to the growth of hiking. The act help set up the myriad of trails crossing this great country.

Short hikes taking less than a day have become known as “Day Hikes”. These day hikes only require some water and maybe a snack. These longer hikes require additional gear and food for extended stays outdoors is where the term “Backpacking” was developed. To some you must spend at least one overnight stay to say that you are backpacking. Many backpacking trips are just weekend events while others can last for weeks or more.

The original idea of backpacking will never be known. In today’s world backpacking is known as a cheap affordable way to see the world. Many people backpack to see Europe on a small budget, buy many more do it to escape the daily routines and see nature up close.

Some people hike to enjoy the beauty of nature, some people hike to achieve inner serenity, some people hike for the physical and mental challenge.

Enjoy the Outdoors,
Dan – Camp Master

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