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Caring for your Cast Iron Ovens and Skillets

A good Dutch oven or cast iron skillet will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Once your cast iron is well seasoned clean up is a snap. After cooking, wash it out with hot water (NO SOAP!) and dry completely inside and out. While it is still warm wipe it down with a thin layer of oil, it should have a nice shine. Don’t over do it as pooled up oil will turn rancid and become hard and varnish like.

Store your cast iron in a moisture free, low humidity place. If it’s going to be stored for extended periods, place a paper towel in it to absorb any condensation or moisture that may occur.

Now for aluminum oven, just scrub and dry, that’s it.

I keep all my ovens in carry bags to keep the oiled finish from getting on everything and collecting dust and dirt during storage or transport.

These small steps will ensure a lifetime of service from your cookware.

Dan & Katherine

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