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Hiking & Camping Etiquette

Hiking & Camping Etiquette

1. Follow and understand the rules and regulations of the places you are visiting.

2. Give “Right of Way” to horses, pack animals and wild animals.

3. When hiking remember to keep “Right”, just the same as the rules of the road.

4. Give uphill hikers “Right of Way”.

5. Walk single file or two by two, only if the width of the trail permits.

6. Do not walking on the trail edges, this widens the trail making a giant swath through nature.

7. Do not litter. Pack out what you pack in.

8. Pick up litter that you find left behind by others.

9. Leash dogs at all times to a 6 foot maximum length.

10. Keep dogs on right side of trail as not to entangle other hikers.

11. Stay on designated trails; do NOT create your own trails.

12. Be environmentally aware.

13. Do not damage any flora and fauna that you may encounter.

14. Urinate off from the trail and possible water sources. For other bodily functions dig a hole. Burn
toilet paper and recover hole.

15. Use biodegradable products, just because it says “biodegradable” it is still a pollutant. Use far away from water sources.

16. Stay on the trails, DO NOT use switchbacks or short cuts. This ensures that you will not further disturb nature.

17. Report any damage of the trail or trail signs and notify the proper authorities.

18. Damaged or destroyed trails or trail signs can cause serious difficulties for others.

19. Do not disturb the environment by shouting or playing loud music.

20. People go back to nature for the peace it can offer.

21. Avoid campfires, unless a designated area is provided.

22. Tend any fire you make with extreme care.

23. Do not do anything that may harm other hikers or the environment.

24. Take only photographs as mementos.

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