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Pie Iron Recipes Pie Iron Cookbook

I wanted to write a Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook for many years. I really enjoyed cooking in my Dutch Ovens while camping. I have also enjoyed the fun that pie irons can bring to a campfire. Having a pie iron and the right recipe is something the whole family can enjoy. There is something about the smells of good food in the outdoors.

My family and I have been campfire cooking for many years from hots dogs on a stick when I was young to teaching Dutch Oven, Pie Iron and open fire cooking classes from scouts to the young at heart.

Do you own a set of Pie Irons? Are you just getting started in this fun hobby of Pie Iron Cooking?

Inside the 74 page Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook, you will find Tips and Tricks, Tools of the Trade along with information on cleaning and seasoning cast iron pie irons. The Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook has 52 recipes for you to try along with information on Spice Blends and More.

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Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook

Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook

Dan “Camp Master”

Pie Iron Recipes aka Pudgie Pies

The pie iron is a great tool for making quick, hot sandwiches and desserts. It’s something the kids can do with a little supervision. Most kids eat a lot on a camping trip and having a set of pie irons will help with that chore while giving them a hot snack. The best thing about cooking with a pie iron is the simplicity for anyone to use which makes it fun for the whole family.

The pie iron can be made of different metals like cast iron, aluminum or stamped sheet metal with long handles and a latch to keep it closed. The best ones are made of cast iron, being heavier and usually of higher quaility creates a better tasting sandwich. The cast iron pie irons are seasoned the same way as any other cast iron cooking utensil. They could last a lifetime with proper care. The more you use them the blacker and better they are, eventually having that nonstick coating that everyone loves.
Pie Iron Grilled Cheese

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