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Southeast Camper “Spring DOG” Dutch Oven Gathering 2015

We had our first Dutch Oven Gathering in February, the “Cabin Fever DOG” at Andrew Jackson State Park in South Carolina. The weather was good and the food was better, you would have never guessed by the picture that it was winter time.


Now that Spring Time is here, most of you should have your Dutch ovens spruced up and heading outside for some great weekend fun. The NC-VA 2 State DOG upon us this weekend, it is shaping up to be a Big DOG. We have a lot of coming that are new to Dutch Oven cooking.

This year is not going to be any different than the last year except for the addition of more friends that we met on our travels camping n cooking.

A Dutch Oven Gathering should not be stressful, it is time well spent with good friends while sharing a meal. Though it is fun to pull off a great recipe that everyone liked and your pot is empty (a quick WooHoo is optional).

This is our BIG DOG of the year. There is plenty of room for camping and the shelter has plenty of space for us to spread out and enjoy ourselves.


Stay Tuned for more,

Southeast Camper Dutch Oven Group

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