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Dutch Oven Gathering

A “Dutch Oven Gathering” or D.O.G. as it also called is a gathering of local Dutch Oven Cooks who get together to cook, trade recipes, tell tall tales, share what they cook and to eat very well at the end of the day. This is not a competition; it is an experience. A Dutch Oven Gathering is where the more experienced cooks can share thier knowledge with others interested in the hobby. Dutch Oven Cooks of all skill levels can join in. A Dutch Oven Gathering also passes down the traditions of Dutch Oven Cooking that helped make this country great.

To participate in a Dutch Oven Gathering all you need is your pots, a fire pan or cook table and a few recipes. The cook usually prepares two or three dishes from scratch: a Main Dish, a Side Dish, a Bread or a Dessert. The dishes are cooked in a Dutch Oven fueled by charcoals. A Dutch Oven Gathering is usually free, and the only cost is the food you bring to cook and share.

Most gathering will have a door prize and you will get an entry for every dish you make (usually 3 maximum). A start and finish time is established, and everyone begins cooking their dishes to meet that time. Then all dishes are brought to a central area for all the participants and guest to enjoy.

Never cooked in a Dutch Oven before and want to learn, No problem. Many Dutch Oven Cooks are more than willing to help. Many backyard cooks are discovering the menu possibilities of Dutch Oven cooking for camping and at home. If you enjoy cooking over an open fire, then you’ll love Dutch Oven Cooking and being part of a Dutch Oven Gathering.

What’s Cooking?
How do we know when its done?
We use the smell test.
When it smells done, its done.
When it smells burnt, its burnt
When you can't smell it,
its not done.
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