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Summer is In and School is Out

Just a quick update here, from the gang at Southeast Camper. We wanted to let everyone know how things were shaping up for the group, now that the year is half past us already.

It has been a stellar year so far with only a couple of hiccups to contend with. Several events have become memories and a few recipes have been tucked away for sure.

As the first day of summer is upon us, we look back at our events from the first half of the year. We have kept with tradition and enjoyed our “Cabin Fever DOG”, to start with. 30 plus pots for the evening feast appeared on this beautiful day.

Following quickly on its heals was the “Two State DOG”. This was a monumental occasion as the newly formed “Capital City” chapter took on the hosting of the event which also included the “Olde Dominion Chefs” chapter from Virginia. Three chapters in all.

Not far behind came the ever anticipated “Spring DOG”. One small hiccup, due to park maintenance to the road leading in, bridge work caused us to postpone the event by a week. This resulted in a grand time with the exception of a smaller than normal crowd. Not everyone can switch gears that quickly when planning around vacation/work schedules and family. None the less, the rain held off for the day until evening and those able to make the date enjoyed a wonderful afternoon. A Mexican Lasagna that came to the table that afternoon was truly note worthy btw.

With the warmer weather coming early this year for us here in the Carolinas, many from the group have been seen out for adventure with every opportunity. Camping, cooking and general shenanigans to be honest. Everyone seems to enjoy the tales of adventure along with the pictures that are often times shared via our Facebook page.

From time to time, a note will come about, offering a suggestion or invitation to collaborate on some sort of impromptu gathering of friendly folks with a desire to be outdoors, maybe do some camping and share a meal with friends. The first event of summer looks to be one such event. One of our own has put together and is hosting a new event for the last Saturday of the month. This will be held in a less than familiar park to some and it seems to be of high interest. Many are appearing to have plans to attend. One never knows when or if one of these impromptu events will become a permanent part of the event line up.

Those of you reading this should come join us on our Facebook page and introduce yourself. There are several events yet to come and you are always welcome to join us.

Until our next update, Keep your iron hot and your coal dry.

Randy Bowman
Southeast Camper

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