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Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake

This dessert is very easy and a great one for beginners, we love it!

1 box Chocolate Cake Mix
1 can Cherry Pie Filling
1 20 oz Cherry 7-UP

Lightly spray a 12” Dutch oven with a non-stick spray and wipe it out or wipe it with a very, very light coating of vegetable oil. Dump in can of pie filling and spread out, but stop short, leaving about an inch or so around the outside. Pour the dry cake mix evenly over the entire Dutch oven and level off. Pour the 7-UP over the dry cake mix and you’re done. No mixing or anything else required. Bake for 45 – 50 minutes using the smell test. Remove from heat and let cool with the lid off.

If fresh fruit is available, coat the fruit in flour first, then continue as noted above.

Cherry Chocolate Dump CakeCherry Chocolate Dump CakeCherry Chocolate Dump CakeCherry Chocolate Dump Cake

This cake comes out brownie like at the edges and pudding like around the fruit. It is good and sweet, the kids will love it.

The variations of Dump Cake are endless. Try a white cake mix with peaches and a peach flavored soda pop.

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