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Pie Iron Recipes aka Pudgie Pies

The pie iron is a great tool for making quick, hot sandwiches and desserts. It’s something the kids can do with a little supervision. Most kids eat a lot on a camping trip and having a set of pie irons will help with that chore while giving them a hot snack. The best thing about cooking with a pie iron is the simplicity for anyone to use which makes it fun for the whole family.

The pie iron can be made of different metals like cast iron, aluminum or stamped sheet metal with long handles and a latch to keep it closed. The best ones are made of cast iron, being heavier and usually of higher quaility creates a better tasting sandwich. The cast iron pie irons are seasoned the same way as any other cast iron cooking utensil. They could last a lifetime with proper care. The more you use them the blacker and better they are, eventually having that nonstick coating that everyone loves.
Pie Iron Grilled Cheese

When the Pie Iron is open, place a slice of buttered bread in one side of the iron with the buttered side facing down or outwards. The filling can be anything you like, but cheese is the best choice if you are new to pie iron cooking. The cheese should be centered within the edges of the bread, then topped off with another slice of buttered bread. Finally, the two sides of the pie iron are clamped together and latched. If the bread is protruding from the iron, it should be trimmed, leaving the edges of the bread crimped together, like a fruit pie.Pie Iron over CoalsThe pie iron is now ready for heating, hold it over a camp fire or prop it up over a bed of coals for cooking. The sandwich will take about 4 to 6 minutes to toast, turning periodically. The pie iron can also be used on a camp stove, home stove, in a fireplace or in the back yard barbecue grill.
Grilled CheeseIf you’re using buns or english muffins, insert them into the pie iron inside out (back to back) for toasting prior to preparing your recipe, then turn the muffin or bun around, assemble the sandwich and toast it as described above.

The basic instructions for making a fruit pie is the same as a toasted sandwich. Place one piece of pie dough in the pie iron, the buttered or lightly oiled side down. Add your favorite pie filling or preserves. Cover with another piece of pie crust, the buttered or lightly oil side up.

The variations of breads or doughs are numerous. Try using biscuits or pizza dough flattened out to make calzones or mini pizza pockets.

The pie irons can be used as two tiny skillets for frying eggs, cooking bacon or sausages.

MCPIE Iron Muffin

English muffin cut in half
Scrambled or Fried Egg
Precooked Canadian Bacon

Butter the muffin as usual. Layer the egg, cheese and meat between muffins halves. Close and latch the pie iron. Trim off excess and cook until golden brown.

Pie Iron Omelette or Frittata

Egg – scrambled
Onion – diced
Bell Pepper – Diced
Cheese – grated

Pour the egg into one half of the pie iron, do not over fill. Add a small amount of vegetables and cheese Close the pie iron and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes giving the eggs time to set up before turning.

The fillings will be hot, so be careful when cutting or biting into your favorite creation. The recipes that can be made are endless, experiment and have fun.

If you would like to send us pictures and recipes, feel free. We would like to see them.

Dan “Camp Master”

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