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Chili Cook Out at Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina Part Two

We had a real good time at the Chili Cook Out and Dutch Oven Gathering at Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina. The weather was great for the beginning of November, Mid 60’s and Sunny. It couldn’t have been better.

When we set plans for the Chili Cook Out we had a large group that wanted to come, but as time went on the group got smaller and smaller. We understand how plans can change and you do what you need to do for your family. We had no idea how many people would be at the Chili Cook Out, so we proceeded like normal and set up the pavilion as if we were having a big crowd to keep our spirits lifted. Claudia and Katherine swept up and set the tables for our big day. Michael and I set up our cook stations and began prepping our recipes.Michael at Fire Pit

Michael with his New Portable Fire Pit

As the day moved onto the afternoon it started to get a little quiet, so the girls decided to take a walk and get the word out about our Dutch Oven Gathering and Demonstration. We continued on with making our big pots of chili and sure enough about 4 PM guest started coming by to introduce themselves and sample of our great cooking. This made the event worth while.The Chili is on! And Hot Links!
The Chili is on! And Hot Links!

We sure missed the rest of the gang that could not make it to the Cook Out, but we’re sure we’ll see each other at the next gathering in the spring. We also made some new friends and hope they will join us in the spring.

Too sum it all up, I think we should get two thumbs up. We had 4 cooks and 10 or more guest. We had 2 large pots of chili that were of different styles, but Good and Spicy! We also had Cornbread, Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake, Beef Hot Links and assorted snacks.A Sampling of the Great Food!

A Sampling of the Great Food!

Thank you to everyone for a Fun Summer and Some Great Food.

Stay tuned for more information about our Spring Dutch Oven Gathering. If 2011 turns out to be as good as 2010, we are in for seriously “Good Eats”.

Getting Set Up at the Pavilion

Getting Set Up at the Pavilion

Claudia and her first Cornbread
Claudia and her first Cornbread made in a Dutch Oven, YUM!

Outlaw and Mrs Outlaw
Outlaw and Mrs Outlaw, “Michael and Claudia”

Camp Master and Camp Gal
Camp Master and Camp Gal, “Dan and Katherine”

Dutch Oven Gathering Guest
Dinner is over, Standing around talking with guest

Thank you for your time and hope to see everyone at our next Dutch Oven Gathering.

Please visit and join our Forum for upcoming information about Southeast Camper and Gatherings.

Camp Master

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