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Kings Mtn Dutch Oven Gathering Kings Mtn Dutch Oven Gathering

Chili Cook Out at Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina

I don’t know about everybody else, but we had such a good time at the Kings Mountain Dutch Oven Gathering on Saturday 10/09/10 that I wanted to do it again before the holidays. Several others agreed, so “We Are On”

We’ll meet at Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina. The park is 6 miles south on Route 161 off Interstate I-85, Exit 8. The Dutch Oven Gathering will be at Shelter No 1. This shelter has a fireplace and more space for us to accommodate even more Dutch Oven enthusiasts.

More about Kings Mountain State Park

The theme of this Dutch Oven Gathering is Chili, aka “Texas Red”. There are “No Rules” to the chili, if you like beans etc, go for it. This is NOT a competition, but it is a chance to show off (just a little) and trade recipes, bring your favorite recipes and prepare them at the shelter with friends. If you would like to make something else that would be fine, but let’s stick to the theme of spicy foods. As always breads and desserts are welcome.

The weather is changing fast and cooling quickly, Please help out by bringing some firewood.

For more info about the Chili Cook Out

I hope you can find the time and join us. Please use the link above to join our forum for more details about our Chili Cook Out Dutch Oven Gathering.

Guest are Welcome, Stop by and say “Hello”.

Get your black iron seasoned and ready for the trail. Mark this on your calendar for a fun day of cool weather and hot food.

See ya’ll Soon,
Dan “Camp Master”

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