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Kings Mtn Dutch Oven Gathering Kings Mtn Dutch Oven Gathering

Kings Mtn Dutch Oven Gathering 10/09/10 Part Two

We had beautiful weather for our Dutch Oven Gathering. It was a cool morning with a mild afternoon, sunny in the low 80’s along with a small breeze.

Keith was the early bird having breakfast ready as everyone arrived to the shelter. After we set up our cook areas we started preparing a quick lunch for the Meet and Greet. After lunch it was time for some of us to kick back and chat, whiles others went on a hike to explore more of the park.
Dutch Oven Cooks

The Dutch Oven Cooks

The word was out that we were having a Dutch Oven Gathering and that visitors were welcome, so we had a slow stream of visitor’s interested in the hobby. We have a feeling that some of the visitors we will see again.

As mid afternoon came the cooking area became quite a busy place as the air filled up with the smell of Dutch oven recipes. Throughout the days we had a total of 12 recipes to sample, with 9 coming together for our sit down supper.

Dinner is Ready

One Last Look at Everyones Hard Work. It tasted as Good as it Looks.

Dutch Oven Cooking
Hobo Stew, Scalloped Potatoes and Three different Pizzas.

Dutch Ovens on Cook Table
Sweet & Heat Smoked Sausages, Fiesta Meatloaf and More Pizza. Yum!
Cinnamon Rolls with Crumb Topping
Cinnamon Rolls with a Crumb Topping

Some of Dutch Oven Recipes we enjoyed at the Gathering.
Fiesta Meatloaf, Hobo Stew, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Tamale Pie, Cinnamon Rolls with a Crumb Topping, Sweet and Heat Smoked Sausages, Scalloped Potatoes, Peach Oatmeal Crisp. Three Different Pizzas, Meat Lovers Pizza, Mexican Pizza and a Veggie Pizza, not to mention Peach Cobbler and Cornbread.

Finishing the Fiesta Meatloaf

Randy putting the finishing touches on his meatloaf
Getting Pizza Dough Ready
Getting the dough ready for Pizza
Pizza Baked in an Upside Down Dutch Oven
Pizza Baked in an Upside Down Dutch Oven
Visitor in Costume
A Visitor from the Park in Costume gave us a History Lesson about The Battle of Kings Mountain and How it Changed the Course of The Revolutionary War

Some of us have meet before, while others were new, but we left that day as good friends in the short amount of time we spent cooking together. If you could not make it, you must try to visit us next time. Coming to a Dutch Oven Gathering is an experience that you should do at least once.

Thanks to everyone for making this a Great Success and Hope to see you soon.


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