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Mile High Dutch Oven Gathering 2012

Here’s a quick update I received from Dave about this years Mile High Dutch Oven Gathering up in the Blue Ridge Mountains between Cherokee and Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Greetings one and all

Summer is almost here and I’ve got the Mile High DOG on my mind (sounds like the start to a country tune, lol!) Plans are well underway for the 6th Annual Mile High DOG, which is always the last Saturday in July. This year that is July 28th. So far we’ve got an 8” and a 12” deep Dutch oven we are giving way. I’ve also picked up some antique cast Iron, skillets and a fryer, which we will be throwing into the door prize pile.

The campground is now officially open and taking reservations. For those of you that made reservations last year, Glen did say he would provide you with a Mile High DOG shirt. I’ve got the first proof done and plan to show it to Glen when I get to the mountain in the middle of June. I’ve also posted the new poster for the events on my blog spot. I’ll try to get a hold of Jody and see if she can’t post them to the Mile High Site.

Hope to see y’all there.

Here are links for more information about the Mile High Dog.

Dave’s Mile High blogspot

I’ve made my reservations and I’m ready to go. The campground will fill up for this and will have about 20+ cooks and 40+ black pots. Its a full day DOG with a group breakfast, demo’s in the afternoon and a major league supper.

Here’s a link to last years Mile High Dutch Oven Gathering, This one should be bigger. There will be 3 IDOS Chapters in one spot: Cracker Trail from FLA, Middle Tennessee and Southeast Camper.

Mile High DOG 2011

Revervations can be made here:

Mile High Campground

Hope to see ya’ll there.


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