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National Dutch Oven Gathering 2012

The 9th Annual National Dutch Oven Gathering will be held in Canton, Texas, October 19 – 21 , 2012.

This traditional gathering of Dutch oven enthusiasts from all over the United States and other countries join together for a weekend of food, fellowship and fun. This year’s National Dutch Oven Gathering will showcase the Official Cooking Vessel of Texas, and will celebrate the grand traditions of cowboy cooking in Texas.

A Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG) is an informal social event where folks share ideas about outdoor cooking, [more]

Participants are required to register for the event. Participants will gather together for common meals inside the Civic Center. There will be door prizes and raffles, silent auction, and much more.

The Dutch Oven Gathering is open to the public for no charge. The public will be able to observe and interact with the participants cooking in their Dutch ovens. The Cook Off will follow the International Dutch Oven Society sanctioned 3 Pot Cook Off rules.

The National Dutch Oven Gathering brings together a wide variety of outdoor chefs to share their unique regional flavor. There will be a wide variety of vendors selling equipment, cookbooks, tools, and much more. Dutch Oven Demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the event to showcase outdoor cooking with Dutch ovens.

For more information about the 2012 National Dutch Oven Gathering can be found HERE.

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