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Low and Slow Hickory Smoked Chicken

This low and slow hickory smoked chicken is a favorite here in the south. This recipe can be done with a small pork shoulder too. Just adjust the cooking time as needed, but the concept is the same. If you love barebcue, this is for you. Become the Pit Master of your own backyard.

4 – 5 lb Chicken Broiler or Roaster
Adobo Seasoning or your Favorite Rub
Vegetable Oil
Disposable Aluminum Tray

How to Butterfly a Chicken – To Learn More!

Dry Rub for Chicken – For Recipe!

Lightly oil the chicken, this will help brown and crisp the skin. Sprinkle both side of the chicken with your favorite rub.

To Smoke the chicken inside your grill, place a water tray in the center to collect the drippings. Build an indirect fire as seen in the photos. Make a layer of fresh briquettes and dump hot coals on top of them. Place your grate in the grill and center the chicken over the drip pan. Add wood chips to the coals and close the grill. After the wood chips have stopped smoking, add a second batch of coals to the fire and continue cooking for about an hour. The total cook time will be about 2 hours at 225 degrees.

Setting up Indirect Fire in GrillChicken Ready to Grill

If you would like to add barbecue sauce, lightly brush barbecue sauce over the chicken during the last 30 minutes of cooking. This will give it time for the sauce to get nice and sticky.

Low and Slow Hickory Smoked Chicken

Be careful when picking up the chicken, If its done right it will fall apart. Let it rest for about 10 minutes, then pull the meat from the bone for making the best barbecue sandwiches. In the photo you can se how the sauce got nice and sticky and the skin had pulled back off the leg. It came out juicy and tender.

The hard part about smoking a chicken is waiting. I hope you try this. Let us know how yours comes out.

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