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Southeast Camper Dutch Oven Group 2012

We had a very good turn out and a wonderful time at our First Annual Dutch Oven Gathering (04-28-12) at the Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina (southwest of Charlotte). You could feel it in the air that this was going to be something special, as folks arrived and started setting up their cooking area it began to take on the feel of a family reunion. The day started off cool and cloudy and stayed that way all day, but that did not dampen our spirits. We planned and made sure we had the firewood for the fireplace in the shelter.

Dutch Oven CookingWe had 13 cooks and with all our friends and family that brought our total up to 24. We got together and decided to make meal time four o’clock. This is when the real fun started. The air began to fill up with the smell of charcaol then along came the sweet aroma of casseroles and desserts. It does not get better than that.

We had so much fun we planned another one almost immediately. We scheduled our Second Dog for 07/14/12 and designated it as our Red, White and Blue DOG. The turn out was great and we were back at it without missing a beat. The friendships that we have created are growing everytime we meet.

We had six members of our group that made the trek to Cherokee, NC and into the mountains for the 6th Annual Mile High Dutch Oven Gathering (07-28-12). This was my 3rd and one of the best so far. I could not believe the spread, 30 cooks and 67 black pots. It was huge. This was the first time that the Cracker Trail (FL), Middle Tennessee (TN) and Southeast Camper (NC) Dutch Oven Groups got together. That was three International Dutch Oven Society Chapters at one Gathering.

We will wrap up our summer with a final DOG at the King Fisher Shelter at Lake Norman State Park (North of Charlotte, NC) on the last Saturday in September (09-29-12). Please visit our forum for more details and updated informations.

Check out the Southeast Camper Photo Album for more.

Please sign up for our forum and let us know you are coming – Southeast Camper Forum – Help us get the word out and grow our membership.

Everyone is Welcome from beginners to the Old Salt, Bring your food, gear and recipes. If this is your 1st Dutch Oven Gathering you are in for real treat. We have never seen anyone one leave our Dutch Oven Gatherings hungry.

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Hope to see ya’ll soon

Dan & Katherine

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